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Friday, March 12, 2004

And I say, it's all right

It's a wonderful time of year here in Portland. The weather's sunny, warm and dry, the daphne's finally in full bloom, and the clematis isn't far behind.

Yesterday we broke out the old Weber grill (well over 20 years old, still working great) and grilled up some coho salmon filets. The fish had been frozen just after it was caught up in Alaska, but it retained a good taste and texture in the process.

And so another bright season begins. Coming soon: back on the bicycle. But first: moss control on the lawn!

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I have 'naked Daphne' over here this year thanks to the cold winter - plenty of blooms, no leaves!

My wonderful spouse actualy went out in the freeze and covered all three of our daphnes with blankets, which saved some leaves.

I know you realize the dry, warm weather will leave again soon. I've learned to count on July.

But the flowers are great!

Around here, prognosticating that the "bright season" is here on March 12th is kind of like saying the Cubs are going to win the Series this year, don't you think?

I planted two daphne today -- I was inspired by those at the law school!

They're pretty finicky, so be careful with them. Ours seem to like compost made of worm castings. Something neutral.

They hate frost.

Water like a rose bush -- long drinks once or twice a week in the summer. NOT shallow surface watering.

Good luck. They're fantastic.


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