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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Sometime this morning, we had visit no. 90,000 to this blog. The latest 10,000 rollover took 32 days. Nice to have so many of you here.

Now allow me to pat myself on the back with my other hand, too. Today this weblog was favorably mentioned in the Willamette Week, to wit: "Fans of local 'blogs' (weblogs to the uninitiated) have long found much to consider at the site maintained by local lawyer Jack Bogdanski." Shucks, I'm feeling like Sally Field.

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I'd say we could have a race, since I have a commentary coming in the Trib soon, but you long ago outpaced me anyway, heh.

I saw the WW mention of you today. I kinda liked it when I just had you and B!X to myself...I'm feeling a little territorial about you guys getting hits now from the auditors office and WW.....Randy

Nice going, Jack. Congrats.

Nice job, Jack. It's thrilling to see web logs get a portion of ink, and it couldn't happen to a better blog than yours.

By the way, care to guess when the 100K mark will occur?

WWP picks ... April 9, noonish.

What does everyone else think?

I'm an optimist, so I'll nab the 7th (April)at around 5 pm...

Hold on, don't we have to actually put some money behind this before we start the pool?

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