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Saturday, February 28, 2004


The Oregonian reports today that Deborah Kafoury of Portland resigned her state House seat yesterday, and that Jeff Kruse of Roseburg has promised to do the same by Wednesday. As reported here the other day, both had moved outside their districts, but thought it was o.k. for them to remain in the Legislature until they were good and ready to leave.

Why the three more working days are needed for Kruse to do the right thing, I don't know, but I'm glad to see these two have come to their senses. After a very revealing news story about this on Wednesday, I expressed outrage and called for their immediate departures from the House. The Oregonian did the same with an editorial in yesterday's editions, and later in the day, the two politicos made their announcements.

My call for readers to express their own indignation at Kafoury, Kruse and their parties did not fall on deaf ears. Oregon blogger Hilsy sent an e-mail to Kafoury, Pablo expressed his support of my call, and Bix is on it today with a strong, dead-on statement about the disgrace that this kind of incident casts upon both political parties.

Glad that's over.

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Deborah did a great job for her district and the state.


I never said she didn't. I did say she apparently was planning to break the law if she could get away with it.

I recevied an email this morning (Monday) from Deborah that was not just a form reply. It was a nice email from her in which she also attached the press release.

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