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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

"Life 101"

Cousin James over at Parkway Rest Stop sometimes notes that he's too wrapped up in "Life 101" to have time to say anything profound on his blog. I know the feeling this week, when my several hats are all on at once.

It's a big primary day, and Measure 30 day here in the Beaver State, and I've got about four other Portland-centric blog entries in me waiting to come out. But I've got a couple of hungry college funds to feed, and so it's going to be another day or two before I get down with the muse and lay it all out here.

Tonight, amidst a couple of other balls I have up in the air, I give the bar exam review lecture on taxation here in town. Four straight lecturing hours down at the always-funky Portland Conference Center (not to be confused with the Oregon Convention Center, which sits across the street like the Pacific Northwest's biggest white elephant). At least I get a turkey burger at the nearby Burgerville outlet out of the deal.

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The Burgerville turkey burger is quite tasty, but I've gotten pretty good at making turkey burgers at home. (I've eaten quite a few lately, being overly concerned with Mad Cow disease).

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