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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Coming attractions

Every time I look at a picture of John Kerry, it makes me uncomfortable. I want so much to remove George Bush from the White House, and I worry about the chances of that happening if the Demos run the senator from Massachusetts.

He's going to be such easy pickings for the right. His long record is so spotty; he's such a politician of convenience. There's nothing inspirational about him.

Charles Krauthammer gave us a pretty good rundown this week of some of the primary focuses of the coming attacks on Kerry as a phony:

Votes against the Persian Gulf War, which he now says he favored.

Votes for the Iraq war, which he now says he opposed.

Votes against the $87 billion for troop support and Iraqi reconstruction, while saying that he favors troop support and Iraqi reconstruction.

Votes for the No Child Left Behind Act, which he now attacks incessantly.

Votes for NAFTA; he now rails against the unfairness of free trade.

Votes for the Patriot Act; he now decries the assault on civil liberties.

(Via It's a Crock.)

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