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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


The University of Oregon has scratched its plans to build a new 15,000-seat basketball arena on its Eugene campus.

In the announcement today, Dave Frohnmayer, U of O president, said there were problems with financing, and some other issues as well.

One problem that he didn't mention was the faculty revolt that was brewing over the plan to spend $180 million on the new hoops palace at a time when other parts of the school are suffering through tight budgets. Nor was any mention made of the fact that the site of proposed new coliseum was quite controversial.

Another factor that escaped official comment was the fact that Oregon voters, including those in Lane County, resoundingly rejected Measure 30 last week, with many expressing the view that state government is spending too much on frills while the essentials are being neglected.

As head men's basketball coach Ernie Kent (base salary $450,000, plus incentives and bonuses) reminded fans today, the existing basketball building, Mac Court, is a great old place, and the basketball Ducks could do a lot worse than stay there for a while.

UPDATE, 2/12, 2:22 am: I subsequently noticed that this announcement came the day after political boss Neil Goldschmidt told a bunch of employees in the state university bureaucracy to get ready to be laid off. Coincidence? I think not.

Comments (6)

Does the prez know Abe Froeman, Sausage King of Chicago? Maybe Letterman could introduce them:

I liked the Blazer trade better: "Rasheed, Shareef. Shareef, Rasheed."

This is fucking great news. UO sports drive me crazy... Just as we were getting wound down being outraged over the playstation-ready locker rooms at Autzen, here they came again with this ridiculous proposal for a basketball stadium.

I need to get around to silk-screening some 'Nike University' yellow-and-green tee-shirts, maybe sell them down on 13th...

Sometimes, it feels like Oregon is being run by some 12 year old playing SimCity. "Oh, maybe if I put in a multimillion dollar arena, more sims will visit from our neighbor city of "Qualmsville." Then, when the nuclear plant finally blows up because the kid doesn't understand "management," he just sets a plague loose to distract the worried little denizens!

Hasser, man, give me some of what you are drinking!

Mac Court is the most interesting place to see a basketball game in the country. I think they should continue to use it until the supports on the rafters seats give way and it crashes to the floor.

Maybe add a few plumbing fixtures near the top stands. That's my only suggestion.

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