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Sunday, February 1, 2004

Bernie's new wheels

One of the nicest aspects of having a blog is how it can put you back in touch with long-lost friends and family. My cousin Bern (formerly known as Bernie) recently popped back into my life through e-mail communication following a post here about our wild years. The other day, he sent me this e-mail from his Pennsylvania home:

Well, I finally took the plunge and went car shopping.

Hey, what do you think of my new car? I wanted a bigger SUV, and was looking for one with decent gas mileage. I bought it "AS IS," but did I get a good deal. The guy had to sell because of illness.

I took a pic of it, check it out!

And here it is.

Comments (2)

Hi Jack, Hope all's well with you and the family, drop me a line. Not today though.. I'm goin "off roadin"

Day Tripper


Like the link to the old story.

but "Black Dog" is on Zeppelin IV, isn't it?

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