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Thursday, February 26, 2004

A profound act of self-denial

Craig at MTPolitics is giving up blogging for Lent.

Gee, I'm not that strong. Maybe I could post something fishy every Friday.

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Since you were trying to save money by voting NO on Measure 30, I have an idea:

Give up giving to the Church for Lent. All that money is just going to pay off molestees anyway.

Save it and buy yourself some chocolate or something sweet each Friday.

Thank you for the hatred Alan. It is what the world needs now.

Stash, care to elaborate?

C'mon, guys, sing along with Buckwheat:

But da wurl neeth now
Id lub tweet lub...

I thought chocolate was lub.

Alan, My first read of your post gave me the impression that you were calling priests molesters. A second read looks more like you are lamenting that a large portion of monies collected by the church is going to pay off lawsuits, rather than all of the good things that the church usually dedicates our money to.

I am a newly baptized Catholic who is wrestling with the all too human frailties of the church hierarchy, while feeling a profound joy in my spirituality and church community.

Catholic dogma and doctrine seem to have scarred so many people over the years. I hope that Vatican III comes sooner than later, so that the healing can begin.

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