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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

They all rolled over and one fell out

Well, that's it for Joe Lieberman. He joins Gephardt as a guy whose time has come and gone.

It's down to a four-man race, with next Tuesday promising to be a blockbuster of a night for each of them. In order of electability against Bush:

Edwards Kerry Clark Dean

Comments (3)

Everybody seems to know Lieberman is toast except Lieberman (at least he's not admitting it). It's too bad, because he would make a good President - he just isn't charismatic enough or connected enough to get there.

Let's hope the tort lawyer hangs in there...

What about Rev. Al ? You might smirk at the thought, but he is the only one in that crew who could pass a polygraph if it was attached to him during the debate. He's the only one who isn't taking polls to see what people want to hear in a three second sound bite for TV.
Maybe Kerry could let that poor Vietnam vet he saved go home with some dignity left in him, rather than being dragged around in some third-rate dog and pony show.At least Lieberman is talking issues, and not replaying Primary Colors.

The polygraph's a great idea. Be sure to hook up your hero George "He Hate Me" Bush, too. It's fun to see how much stress the needle can take before it breaks.

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