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Wednesday, January 7, 2004


Here now are my Top 10 Favorite Public Figures of 2003.

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Dropped from the "Top 10 Favorite Public Figures of 2003" on my fav bloggers site.

Am I not yet another victim of Enron/PGE?

E Tu Johannes?

One more humiliation of being in public life....

Your Fav Commissioner
(used to be one of your 10 fav public figures)

Randy: You were No. 11! Plus, you get vicarious credit for No. 2...

As my wife was packing, after having read your 2003 top ten list, I said to her through a trembling voice "the Bureau of Emergency Communications was number 2!"....as she flipped me off fishtailing in her car through the snow on our street I heard her scream, "lies, all lies..."...

After your response to my posting, I called her and asked her to look at your sight and see that indeed I did at least get some reflected glory from you for the excellent work done by 911 and...if not the top 10 best, at least I would not be in the top 10 worst (assuming, of course, your top 10 worst are not your top 11-20 favs)....she did, apologized and is now on her way home....

Thanks for the save, Jack....Randy

Randy: Don't get cocky -- the top 10 worst is still a day or two away...

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