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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Is there an echo in here?

Renee Mitchell had an interesting column in The Oregonian yesterday, in which she concludes that the Portland streetcar is a boondoggle. She writes: "[T]he city is helping pay the fare for a few select developers to get rich. It's not just the public who's taking advantage of a free ride."

Oh? You don't say.

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She doesn't have an original bone in her writing body. I once had a piece published online on Oregonlive criticizing a few points in her writing style that she then used to criticize someone at the Mercury.

Hi Renee!

I've seen seveal posts by you, or B!x where a day or so later a very similar article shows up in the Oregonian.

Interesting. I'd guess some of the O's writers are readers of your blog!

So nice of her to let me know that I no longer need to pay for my streetcar tickets! (I think I've been on it twice.)

The O and blogs: don't get me started!


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