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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

In the old mailbag

Here's a followup to my recent rant about OSPIRG's pushy phone people. In addition to posting here, I left a comment on the OSPIRG blog, which got some attention. Here's the e-mail response I received earlier today:

Hello. I wanted to respond to your recent comment on the www.ospirg.org website. You did not appreciate being contacted on the telephone in the evening and stated that kind of call was not welcome. I have looked into the situation and believe we have accomodated your concern.

We have removed your phone number from the list of numbers we'll call in the future. Telephone outreach to our members is one of the ways we keep in contact, updating people on the campaigns and renewing support. However, it is simple enough to remove your number, and we have done so. Thank you for informing us of your preference. I have instructed our membership director to code your record so that you will not receive a call for campaign contributions in the future.

As has always been the case, a membership is good for a year from the date that we receive the contribution. In general we send out mailings a few times a year. If a member would like to be removed from mailings, or cancel their membership entirely, we can arrange that as well. Just let me know.

I hope this letter adequately addresses your concern.

Maureen Kirk
Executive Director
Oregon State Public Interest Research Group

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Oh that Mo Kirk. What a gal....

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