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Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Heave ho

Today I did something I hadn't done in more than a decade -- I shoveled snow, in Portland.

Shoveled ice, to be more precise. On the ground was about two inches of snow covered by one to three inches of solid ice -- so solid that a grown adult could stand on it without breaking the surface.

Given that things are supposed to thaw out tomorrow, I suppose I could have let this task ride. But I'm avoiding grading exams -- a state in which any other task is more appealing. Then my next-door neighbor shoveled his sidewalk, which really forced the issue. The lawyer in me started thinking, "The city says it's my responsibility. The neighbor did his. If somebody breaks their a*s on my sidewalk, will I be liable? Do I trust my homeowner's insurance that much?"

Man, that ice was tough to break up, and heavy to toss. Fortunately, I had my trusty big-ass shovel -- the kind Grandpa Bogdanski (my namesake) used to use to shovel the coal that heated our house when I was a kid. Ah, Grandpa -- also known (but not to us kids, officially) as "the Beak," for the big schnozz he had from his youthful days as a prizefighter.

Tomorrow, when the last dusting of snow that I left behind starts to melt, our walkway will be super-nice. I'll bask in the glow of that as I pop the Advil and dote over the hot tub.

Grandpa, stop laughing.

Comments (6)

Yes, Jack, but wait til the next round of freezing rain (forecast for many parts of the city tonight) coats that nicely skinned sidewalk of yours with, yes, a fresh coat of ice!

Hobson's choice: Ice on snow ... or ice on concrete?

[Maybe it's better in your part of town...here, it's still the weird ice-pack atop snow you described. In parts past 39th Avenue, we haven't topped the freezing level since Sunday.]

I thought about that as I scooped it all up: What's worse, white ice or black ice? Ironic if I get sued for shoveling!

But the last I heard, we're going to get just plain rain later today (Thursday). I wish it were more snow, but short of that, let's get rid of the lot of it now.

I curse those of my neighbors who shoveled their snow, because sure enough that is now ice-covered concrete. The ice-covered snow I can break with my heel and then get traction in the snow below, but I've fallen twice (minor bruises) on those ice-coated sidewalks.

Hey! What about those exams, mister? There are hundreds of enquiring minds wanting to know!

Heckling the grader generally is not a good idea.

Ah, but that's what anonymous grading is for!

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