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Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Oregon: We Love Dreamers!

Sorry, this started out as an attempt at humor. Methinks it turned out not funny. Leave it up or take it down?

UPDATED, 3:16 p.m., to add Tonya Harding. UPDATED, 12/4, 4:42 p.m., to add Bob Packwood. (See comments.)

Comments (15)

Leave it! Too funny! where's tonya?

Leave it...and yes I agree with Alan...where is Tanya!!

Give the people what they want, I always say.

Leave it up. It's so cool I'm going to link to it.

Fine to leave it up, but if a non-Oregonian should happen to stop by, you've enforced the recent, negative images we're trying to overcome. The truth is, Oregon has a long history of actual visionaries: this makes us look like we're just idiots.

Emma: If we want to change the image, we need to change the reality. I think most non-Oregonians won't recognize most of the faces, anyway.

True. The only one I recognized was Tonya and, even then, I had to stare at it a while, as her fifteen minutes was up quite a while ago.

Where's Bob Packwood?

You asked for it -- you got it!

What's the site along the river? Once you tell me, I'll probably say "doh."

That's treated sewage going into the Willamette from a sewage treatment plant in West Linn.

Where's Monica? Didn't she go to Lewis & Clark?

I'm guessing Neil Goldschmidt's photo is lurking in the background behind these scenes, yes?

And 'Oregonian' is a misnomer as your choices are actually mostly Portland-centric. Otherwise you'd have a capitol dome dude, some Oregon Country Fair freaks, and a guv'nor in cowboy boots, at least.

ok, i'll admit it- the only one i recognized was Lon Mabon, but that's only because i have his picture tacked to my dartboard. But i live out here in the sticks so nothing about Portland even makes it this far south.

I think Oregon's new little ditty about itself, "We love dreamers" translates equally well into "Chock full o'nuts".

Thanks, Jack, for the West Linn ID. But it's technically not a sewage treatment plant; it's a settling pond for waste from the West Linn Paper Mill at Willamette Falls a bit downstream. It's been there a long time. Close enough though.


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