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Monday, December 29, 2003


Based on a flurry of intelligence reports warning of imminent, continuing holiday revelrie, the blogging level here is being lowered from thin to nonexistent until next weekend. Happy New Year, everybody.

While I'm gone from the blogosphere, I'd appreciate readers' thoughts on a quandary I've been in. Last year I posted both a Top 10 Nitwits list and a Top 10 Favorite Public Figures list. This year I'm not feeling as motivated to do either as I was last year. What do you think? If you say, do it, please help me out with some nominees.

Comments (3)

Nitwits: Michael Jackson, Dan Rather, Rush Limbough, Madonna, Phil Spector, Alex Baldwin (and his dope addict brothers), Tito Jackson, Susan Sarandon (and her doofus husband), Paris Hilton, and Hillary Clinton
Beloved Americans: President Bush, Bill Bradley, the late Art Carney, Rudy Guiliani, the late Fred Rogers, General C. Powell, Bruce Springsteen, Don Imus, Derek Jeter, and Yogi Berra.

It would be tough to have just ten nitwits for 2003, and there are as many beloved Americans as there are individual opinions, but I'd be glad to nominate one for each category.

Nitwit: G. W. Bush.
Favorite: Jessica Lynch

YMMV, of course.

I have seized on this vacuum to offer my own nitwits. Have a look.

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