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Friday, December 19, 2003


The New York Times ran its Demo Presidential candidate profile on Carol Moseley Braun yesterday. So insignificant is she as a candidate that the Times didn't start the story on Page 1, as it had with the previous contenders it has written up. It ran the story way in the back of the news section, with only a small box on the cover pointing inside.

The profile was pretty dismissive as well. Her strongest quote: "If I were not a woman -- if I were a guy -- with my credentials and my experience and what I bring to the table, there would be no reason why I wouldn't think about running." The reporter finds a few, however, including "all the old questions about her mother's Medicaid payments, campaign accounting, and her visits with a brutal dictator in Nigeria."

That's six out of nine for the Times, with Kucinich, Dean, and Edwards still to go. Meanwhile, Braun: Gong!

In the same edition, the Times also reported:

In a potential sign of concern for Democrats who are contemplating the prospects of a contest between Mr. Bush and Dr. Dean, one-quarter of registered voters already have an unfavorable view of Dr. Dean.

The New York Times and CBS News conducted what were in effect back-to-back polls, before and after Mr. Hussein's capture, offering an early glimpse of how the events in Iraq might affect the primary contests.

In one very rough measure, the number of voters who said they had a favorable view of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, the field's strongest supporter of the military campaign in Iraq, jumped over the weekend. Mr. Lieberman was the first pro-war Democratic contender to attack Dr. Dean's antiwar position, winning him the publicity that the candidates have been struggling for in their crowded field.

You go, Joe.

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