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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Best Christmas present

It isn't often that a children's storybook makes you laugh so hard that you cry. But "Walter the Farting Dog" is just too, too funny. "It was the worst fart of his life," and yet it saves the day.

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I have a children's book i got probably about ten years ago called "The Little Mole Who Went In Search Of Whodunit". Originally in German, and i can't recall the German title right now. But its about a mole who wakes up one morning with a pile of poo on his head, and he goes around the farm trying to find out whos poo it is, with all the farm animals demonstrating, "It's not my poo... My poo looks like this".

I'll have to find this farting dog book. Looks fantastic. Thanks, Jack ;)

Here's a link to a potential cross-marketing candidate for this book:

This book is great for those of us who find fart humor irresistible. Friends, who know me well, gave me a copy for my birthday (and I'm well past toddlerhood). Who says a social no-no can't be used to good purpose? Fart-on, Walter!

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