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Sunday, November 9, 2003

Musical hero

Our friends, our children, and we had a fantastic time today at the Dan Zanes concert. Brooklyn-based Zanes, formerly of the rock band the Del Fuegos, now makes the finest family music around. In the mosh pit down at the Aladdin, the kids and their parents were having equal amounts of fun as Zanes and his superb band hit all the right notes.

Three years into kiddie music, I have found no one else out there who brings the generations together so well. Bruce and Steve Earle-type vibrations, but with the little ones in on it, too. The basic message: Start your own family band.

You have got to love a guy who gets everyone's attention and then tells them that.

If there's a kid on your gift list, give a Dan Zanes CD. Child and parent alike will thank you. And if you sneak a listen yourself, you may find yourself ordering another one, even if there are no little music makers in your house at the moment.

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Thank you for the Zanes tip.

My girls are really digging the latest "They Might Be Giants" CD, titled NO!

I feel like I am in a very small window before they hit puberty and start listening to vile corporate swill featuring Barbie and Ken wrapped in a faux rebellious shell.

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