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Friday, November 7, 2003

More Jacks

Fooling around on Google a while back, I found three more entries for my Gallery of Jacks. Any guesses as to who these fellows might be?

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Well, the guy in the middle is Jack La Lane (sp). I'm kicking myself in the ass for now recognizing the drummer. Can't place the guy on the left.

Jack Bruce (my favorite bass player in the ENTIRE world.. thanks for the piccie) and Jack LaLane and i don't know who the drummer is.

i dont know if he's worthy, but there's Jack Grisham- the first lead singer of TSOL, recently ran for CA gov, and is singing with TSOL again. Come to think of it, i think the second lead singer of TSOL was a Jack, too.

(and, if you'd grown up in SoCal, you'd know who Jack Stefonovich-Stefansky-Steffan is.. hehe.. those were funny commercials)

It takes a Jack to know a Jack. The guy on the right is Jack DeJohnette. One of my favorite drummers to play with Miles. In fact, he recorded on my favorite Miles album, a tribute to Jack Johnson. Go figure. Or I could be all wrong and it would be safe to say that I do not know Jack.

Very good, readers! Bruce, LaLanne, DeJohnette.

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