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Thursday, November 6, 2003

Junk journalism

Here with go with more sensational interviews with accused murderer Ward Weaver. A local television station here and even the Portland Tribune now find his jailhouse rantings of innocence once again worthy of top billing as "news."

I can understand television stations foisting trash like this on us. It's "sweeps" time for their ratings, which means they'll be doing "news" stories about prostitution, nude dancing, celebrity pecadillos, cute fuzzy zoo animals, fad diets, and all sorts of other non-newsworthy oddities all month long. They have to. By nature, they're whores for ratings.

But it's not sweeps month for the Trib. I wish they'd stop capitalizing on the deaths of those two poor teenage girls whom this man is believed to have murdered. We don't need another interview with him -- ever.

UPDATE, 6:18 p.m.: A judge has issued a gag order putting an end to the interviews with this fiend. Good for the judge, and shame, shame on the revolting media outlets who made the order necessary.

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I'd like to see more coverage of parents who don't properly care for their kids and then have the nerve to sue the state when it's their own bad parenting that caused their childrens' deaths.

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