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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

It's not about you

Ah, who can forget the first time they saw the Monty Python Spam sketch? "Here, dear, don't make a fuss. I'll have your Spam. I love it."

Well, like the poor gal in the sketch, I hate spam -- particularly the latest variety, blogspam. This is where some clown posts a blog comment that's really an ad for something.

Fortunately, I use Movable Type, which makes it relatively easy to detect this junk, delete it, and ban the commenter from further accessing your blog from the same computer. But dealing with it's still maddening.

Well, somebody's fighting back. A fellow who runs a blog called Reading & Writing just figured out the identity of a blogspammer (not that hard to do) and sent him a bill, charging him for advertising! The spammer then wrote back in an exchange that revealed what a vile creature he actually is. You can read the whole tale here -- it's quite refreshing. (Thanks to UtterlyBoring.com for the link.)

I wish I had done that.

And so, to set myself up to maybe do the same one day, I've added a nasty-looking little message into the pop-up box where readers can comment on this blog. It tells blogspammers that if they post a commercial message, I'll be billing them $100 a day for every day the comment stays up. He he!

I'm afraid that the message looks a little off-putting, however. Unless you're a blogspammer, don't let it scare you.

Gee, I wonder what my grandparents would have said if you asked them what a "blogspammer" was. They probably would have guessed that it was some kind of head cheese (which my paternal grandparents actually preferred to the Spam of their day).

Comments (4)

I've added the following to my comments form:

Note that comment spamming and commercial solicitation will not be tolerated, and by posting here I reserve the right to bill you for my wasted time of removing the comment and for the wasted bandwidth (and my standard one-hour minimum labor rate applies). If you'd like to advertise here, e-mail me, and you can pay for it.

Thanks for the idea!

I'm not proud. I'm using only a slight variation of the text above. Thanks for the great idea (Jake too!)

I've sort of combined and mucked around with the ones I've seen so far, if only to not make it a complete swipe: "Comment spamming and unsolicited commercial messages are not permitted. By posting such messages, you agree to be charged $100 for each infringing message, as well as an additional $100 for each day the message remains on this site. If you'd like to advertise on this site please place an ad in the left-hand sidebar."

this is awesome--good for you guys! get those spammers!


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