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Sunday, November 23, 2003


The White House-backed Medicare prescription drug bill is causing quite a row in our nation's capital. Democrats say it will line the pockets of insurance companies, drug companies, and rich taxpayers, and undermine the future of Medicare. On the other side, Republicans say, gee whiz, they're just trying to free the seniors from having to choose between prescriptions and food.

When the AARP jumped ship last week and decided to support the bill, the Democrats started screaming. Ted Kennedy hasn't been this mad about anything in years (o.k., with the possible exception of what's happened to the Notre Dame football team).

The House passed the bill, pretty much along party lines, on Saturday. The final tally was 220 to 215. Voting against the bill were 25 Republicans; all the rest of the GOP representatives voted for it.

Only 16 Democrats voted yes. Among them: David Wu, Democrat (sometimes) from Oregon's First Congressional District.

UPDATE, Nov. 25, 2:41 a.m.: On Monday it was revealed that Sen. Ron Wyden is also planning to vote for the bill, although protesting and holding his nose the whole way. Ron's the ultimate warrior for the seniors, and so this must mean that it's the best deal they're going to get from Uncle Sam down at the drug counter, at least for a good long while.

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