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Friday, October 3, 2003

Travel news

Oh, those hard-working Oregon civil servants, feeling everyone's pain as we suffer through these miserable economic times.

Yeah, right.

Governor Ted's hanging out in Germany, and Mayor Vera "the Joker" Katz is sunning in Bologna, Italy. All on official business, of course.

Katz is accompanied by officials of the Portland Development Commission, who are also getting paid to walk through museums and watch fireworks.

Right now Bologna is full of Portland bureaucrats.

And vice versa.

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I really need to stop all this private sector nonsense. I'm just not getting enough exotic travel this way.

I feel your pain, Jo. I know way more than I should about PERS (I work at one of the private lawfirms involved in the PERS litigation), but will I get it? No, I'm just a taxpayer.


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