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Friday, October 17, 2003

Top 10 signs your second kid has arrived

You know your second child is here when all of the following happen to you in the course of a few days:

10. You call the garbage collector and sign up for the 32-gallon can instead of the oh-so-PC 20-gallon can you've been getting by with for more than a decade. This will save you from having to continue sneaking large bags of garbage into your neighbors' cans while they are asleep.

9. You sign up for the "executive" membership at Costco, because you buy so much in bulk there now that a 2% rebate is worth more than the extra $55-a-year fee.

8. You have to make two trips through the Costco checkout because you bought more stuff than one of their shopping carts can handle.

7. You wrack your brain trying to figure out how to take as many photos of kid no. 2 as you did of kid no. 1. It was easier when one of you didn't have to keep an eye on a toddler at all times while you arranged your artsy shots of the newborn.

6. You switch from man-to-man defense to zone.

5. You notice you've edited stock phrases like "You're my favorite girl" to "You're my favorite big girl."

4. You ponder whether it's safe to invest college fund no. 2 in the same places as college fund no. 1.

3. You flip through a few albums of photos of no. 1 and they bring tears to your eyes.

2. The Diaper Genie resumes a central role in your life.

And the No. 1 sign your second kid has arrived:

1. You're once again taking birth control very seriously.

Comments (4)

Congrats Jack! Being the "Big" girl myself, I wish the best helping-out skills for your eldest. Prepare to have "I feel like a built-in babysitter" screamed at you a decade or less from now. :)

Prof., congratulations. Give yourself an "A+."

Amen to that! Our 2nd is just about 3-months old now, and I forgot how little sleep you get, and it's amazing how things change when you have two.

The scary part for me: I'm going to have two girls that are teenagers and in high school at the same time. (shivers)

Thank god we're not having any more. I'm scheduling myself for permanent birth control soon :-)

Two girls less than three years apart? Sounds eerily familiar...


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