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Friday, October 10, 2003

Pulitzer material

The little monthly Hollywood Star newspaper over here in Northeast Portland has outdone itself again with its October issue. The depth and breadth of its coverage of east side neighborhood issues -- particularly those involving land use shenanigans down at City Hall -- put everyone else in the Portland media game to shame.

Most impressive this month is the Star's tattling on the developer of a new Lloyd Center tower, which has apparently broken its promise to keep a public access through its property, connecting a city park to the light rail line. The Star appears to have these people dead to rights, and it's not shy about calling them out on it. Good.

Even if you live in another part of the metro area, you ought to track down a copy of this paper and see how local political coverage can look when it's done right. As for a web site? Well, no word on when this mouse will start roaring electronically.

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