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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Power to the bloggers!

Here's a good one: Demo Pres candidate John Edwards is bragging over on his website that he will be appearing on a "leading national blog" next Monday to discuss his "technology platform."

Geez, for his sake I sure hope he doesn't take credit for inventing the internet. But it's way cool that blogs are now such a force to reckoned with in national politics.

The mega-blog in question, by the way, belongs to Lawrence Lessig, law prof at my alma mater, Stanford Law School.

Edwards intrigues me as a candidate. I'm starting to think he's the Democrats' best hope. More on that shortly.

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Edwards has moved up to a solid three for me (which is higher than he's polling elsewhere). His biggest liability is that he has almost no foreign policy. And it's a big liability.

I think I've given up on Kerry, my previous three man.

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