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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Never mind

This blog will now observe a suitable period of mourning for Cubs fans throughout the world.

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You gotta love ESPN's "responsible journalism" for letting every nutcase in Chicago know how to find Steve Bartman, the guy who caught that foul ball (and lost the series for the Cubbies).


The story gives all sorts of great details about Bartman... where he lives, works, what college he went to, where he coaches little league, etc.. Great, that is, if you're a nutso Cubs fan, hell-bent on revenge... not so great if your name is Steve Bartman.

Hope he wasn't too attached to living in Chicago. Luckily, the benefits consulting firm he works for has branches outside of the country (which is probably where Mr. Bartman is headed, for his own safety).

I said I was sorry. Shut up, already...PLEASE!

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