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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Moving on

Wow. Ex-Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker is headed to Liberia to run the 1,115-member U.N. police force there.

That should be easier than trying to keep Portland happy.

In related news from the jogging trail, Billy Grippo's got a sold sign on that house on NE 17th.

Thanks to an alert weasel for the tip about the new position.

Comments (2)

Li-farookin'-beria?? On it's best day that place makes Newark, on its worst day, look like Disneyworld.

He must owe someone lots of money. Not even Tony Soprano would go to Li-farookin'-beria to collect.

He was in charge of the police force in Bosnia before coming to Portland. He said Bosnia was easier. (Seriously.)

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