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Monday, October 6, 2003

Blog buzz

Are local news writers mining this site for story ideas? I dunno. I suspected one was doing so last week, when Bob Packwood's photo popped up on the front page of the Trib, just a few days after I invoked his name here.

I later convinced myself that it was just my ego talking, that Packwood's reappearance at a GOP fundraiser in Portland was so newsworthy that the media couldn't not be drawn to interview him.

But in yesterday's Oregonian was a lengthy profile of a guy whose name I also invoked here recently -- Portland realtor Billy Grippo. That one really makes me go hmmmm.

If the Burgerville cole slaw story makes the papers, I'll know they're coming here for leads -- which, by the way, is fine with me. But I wish someone at one of those papers would call and ask me to knock out a couple of columns a week for some serious thou's.

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Prof., I had the same inkling when I noticed the pattern evidence:) Why not, didn't take me long to figure you are good look for the local news.

I know! I mean, after I broke that Valerie Plame thing, I didn't expect it to go anywhere...

And then there was the cell phone call from former Sen. Packwood in the middle of Tax lecture today....

That was surreal. I was teaching my regular class, when a student's cell phone goes off. He hands it to me -- it's Bob Packwood, who understands that I'd been mentioning his name in class, and thought he'd call to chat.

The student is a friend of the former junior senator from Oregon, and thought it would be fun to put me on the spot.

I wish I had had a speaker phone and some advance warning -- I could have done my best Letterman interview imitation. As it happened, there wasn't much I could do with it.

Actually, in retrospect, as tax policymaking goes, Packwood was pretty good compared to the bad toupees we have had over the last decade.

Then there was all that other stuff he did...


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