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Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Where did the funky soul go?

I'll tell you where: Robert Randolph & the Family Band. The front man's a pedal steel guitar player, no less. There are a handful of inspired moments on this debut album (particularly in the up-tempo numbers), and here's hoping for many more in the months and years to come:

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Stumbled across this band on Austin City Limits while avoiding the lame local news and waiting for Letterman to come on. They were amazing. Watching this guy stompin' and shakin' that pedal steel. Don't know if they'd be as much fun to just hear but they were sure fun to watch.


as you might guess, they are an amazing live band. which is why you should skip the studio release and go straight to their first release -- live at the wetlands. for more really fantastic robert randolph, definitely check out the word -- an astounding "super group" comprised of robert, john medeski and the north mississippi allstars, playing gospel/old-time religious/funk.

Thanks for the tips, geoff!

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