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Monday, September 1, 2003

Unemployment trend

There was a piece in Sunday's Oregonian (which, of course, cannot be found today on the O's miserable website) reprinted from Salon. In it, a pundit declares that the extremely popular no-call laws enacted around the country, and now by the federal government, are a mistake. The author claims that these laws violate telemarketers' rights of free speech. Besides, the article complains, the national no-call list could put as many as 2,000,000 telemarketers out of work immediately.

One can only hope so.

Comments (4)

Sadly, the Do No Call list, while it may put some folks otu of business, telemarketers are still going to be harassing us because of the amount of exemptions that were given when the thing was written:


90% of my telemarketer calls come from folks that can still call me, because the government said they still could. Buttheads.

Well, it's going to slow down some calls. You can tell by how incredibly hard the Direct Marketing Association battled it.

They get a bad rap for leaving out the charities and politicians -- those exemptions basically have to be there. You couldn't enforce it against charitable and political speech anyway, so that's not a real "loophole." As for the "existing business relationship," unlike many of the state DNC laws, the federal one has an 18-month limit on it, so if you buy something one time, they can't call you forever, as that blog post suggests. Moreover, you still have the ability to tell them not to call you, so if a particular company you've done business with calls and bugs you, you can tell them not to call again, and they shouldn't.

It's not going to stop all the calls, by any means, but I do think it'll slow them down.

At a time when many Americans are out of work the " no call list " will only ad to unemployment. It not only will put many telemarkers out of work, but also will put workers for the companies they represent. Small business will suffer. Higher unemployment and less tax $$ the government takes in. People that support this are short-sighted; shame on them. Don't complain when the government increases your taxes from lost tax revenue from all of this. p.s., I'm not a telemarketer; I'm just not short-sighted or stupid.

Thanks, Bruce. I'm sure you -- and the 14 other non-telemarketers in the country who support these intrusions into our homes -- are very insightful and intelligent.

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