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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


The Portland Tribune has contributed so much to the city's civic life in such a short time, but one of its greatest gifts was returning columnist Phil Stanford to our kitchen counter.

Phil's column today is a classic. Among the juicy tidbits of news and gossip: Former Mayor Bud Clark's supporting Tom Potter for mayor; Jim Francesconi already has $350K in the bank for his mayoral campaign; Bloomingdale's wants to buy the Galleria.

Oh, yes, and the city hired a "facilitator" to run yet another meeting on the City-Buy-PGE lunacy, and the "facilitator" handed out Play-Doh.

Unfortunately, we taxpayers pay for crap like that with real dough.

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I suspect that exercise number 2 was for each of the participants to mold their Play-Doh into the form of a Mission Statement.

Spare me!

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