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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Spooky night

Unless the power comes on in a hurry, it's going to be an eerie night in New York, Detroit, Cleveland, and other cities affected by the big blackout.

I remember the East Coast blackout of '65. The overwhelming impression: dark. Really dark. Inky dark. And quiet. Dead silence, only the sounds of gas-powered vehicles. You turned on the battery-powered transistor radio, and got only white noise.

Tonight people in the 'burbs back there will get quite a view of the close-up Mars, and the back end of the Perseid meteor shower, competing with the suddenly welcome light of the almost-full moon.

But it will be hot -- sticky, nasty hot.

Heaven help the laboring moms, the people in emergencies who can't get help, the people who are going to be tempted to do something awful while the lights are out.

Here's hoping for a quick restoration of power, some great photos, and some great posts later on Parkway Rest Stop.

UPDATE, 10:49 pm: As I hoped, Parkway Rest Stop has the story, and the AP has some pretty nice photos.

UPDATE, 3:31 am: The Times also has some good shots in a slideshow marked "More Photographs" on Friday's front page.

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