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Friday, August 29, 2003

Beat me to the punch

I was thinking of trying to come up with a nice post about Labor Day and my blue-collar roots, but then I opened up today's Trib and saw that someone else had already captured the spirit of the holiday perfectly.

There's a series of short profiles in the business section about waitpersons at various Portland eateries, and one of the four folks spotlit is my favorite of them all, Josephine Booth from the Burgerville down on NE MLK Blvd.

I've enjoyed many a turkey burger down there, and Josephine's friendly smile and cheerful greetings are so heartwarming that I always go out of my way to say hello to her if she's in the place when I am.

Here's the link to the Trib story. For her picture, you'll have to find a hard copy of the paper.

But that's it. That's the Labor Day I would have strained for hours to try to reach. A little story about Josephine, delivered right to my doorstep.

Our work here is done, Robin.

Have a great weekend.

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