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Friday, July 25, 2003

Pressure's on

For thousands of would-be lawyers nationwide, the bar exam is just one long weekend away. If a bar examinee does not exhibit odd behavior this weekend, he or she may not be cramming hard enough.

A couple of local candidates show differing psychic reactions to the stress. William over at Dicta is having the pressure dream. For me this dream is always essentially the same: I'm about to appear on stage in a play, but I don't know my lines. Or I'm about to take over as a DJ on a radio station, but I haven't picked out my music and the show before me's ending. For William, it's -- well, read it for yourself.

Meanwhile, the author of I Hate Stupid People is thinking about Europe, where he is going when the test is over.

I remember the trip my roommate and I took after the California bar exam. We flew down to Vegas the very hour the test was over. For months we had planned several days and nights of debauchery. When we got there, we just wanted to curl up and cry for a couple of days. I remember talking to some "professional" ladies in a bar, and the scene making me a bit nauseous. We changed our flights and went home a day early.

Meanwhile, law students with a year or more still to go in law school are thinking more pleasant thoughts. Hilsy's going down to the Oregon Brew Festival, and I'm hoping for a detailed report. But for Pete's sake, Hilsy, don't drive home!

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