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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Oldies but goodies

Those who stayed up 'til the end of last night's Late Show with David Letterman got a wonderful treat, as Howard Tate performed his classic "Get it While You Can." Backing him up on piano was the man who laid down the classic tracks with him 30-plus years ago, Jerry Ragovoy. Wonderful music, which some of you may have read about first here.

Here's another tip: I have rediscovered the perfect album to listen to in the kitchen. It's Carole King's classic from '71, Tapestry. 'Twas a golden age of popular songwriting, and this gal was doing it so well. Plus that voice -- that clear, strong, young woman's voice -- brings out the goosebumps. If you're old enough to remember this one, you'll enjoy the nostalgia; if you aren't, this is an essential collection to listen to at least a few times, if not many times over.

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