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Thursday, July 10, 2003

More good news

From Craghead comes a referral to the news that Henry Weinhard's beer is going to be brewed in Oregon again. Yes, there's a deal with the often-evil Miller Brewing Co. to have the suds churned out of the Full Sail Brewery in Hood River.

Hurray! Although I'm not as cool as my friend, Doug, who still has an unopened bottle from Henry's Bottling No. 1, I remember the earliest days of Henry's (when I was in law school). For many years, I consumed the stuff, proud that it was being produced at 12th and West Burnside. I'm not as much of a beer snob as some, and although Henry's ain't the best beer you ever drank, I like to drink local whenever possible. Plus, for years the price on this stuff was right. When they moved its production to Tumwater -- where God intended that only Olympia be made -- I stopped buying the Henry's.

As soon as the first batches come running out of Hood River, sign me up for a case or two.

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