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Friday, April 11, 2003

Election Day

One great thing about America is how often we get to vote on stuff.

Right now I'm filling out my ballot to name 12 members to the House of Delegates of the Oregon State Bar. As a member of the State Bar, I get to pick 12 out of the 19 folks who have volunteered to represent lawyer-heavy "Region 5" (Portland and vicinity) when the Bar meets to take action. Also up for a decision is a two-person race to select one Oregon lawyer to represent the state in the American Bar Association.

Thumbing through the "voter's pamphlet" to see who's running is always interesting. Hmmmm. There's the guy who represented me when I got divorced. Oh yes, I remember her from 25 years ago, nice person, wonder if she's grown up as much as I have? Hey, here's the guy who held the most famous field goal in Notre Dame history! Heckuva nice guy, gotta blacken the circle for him. Here's an ex-student of mine, she gets the nod. And... wait! Holy cow! It's the angry little blogging lawyer who wants a Segway! Definitely, we need his energy, ideas, and healthy outlook.

I know enough about six of these people to vote for them. So I'll seal it up and mail it in. Methinks the Bar will be in good hands.

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