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Thursday, April 24, 2003


It's hard to believe, but where I work, today's the last day of classes for another school year.

The 14-week semester that began in January, and the school year that started just before Labor Day, wind down after my last class this afternoon. Technically, classes go on until tomorrow evening, but for most of the faculty and student body, who don't have classes on Friday, today's the last day.

It's always a busy time, with exams looming, nervous students hitting the books, and preparations for graduation (over Memorial Day weekend) already in full swing.

But one more show, and I'm done with the show for four months.

I've got the greatest job in the world.

Let's go out with a burst of energy. Let's make it like the last two minutes of the Beatles' final work, Abbey Road:

And in the end The love you take Is equal to the love you make

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