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Friday, March 7, 2003

Meu menino bonito

Parents of toddlers are always on the lookout for soothing but interesting music and images to help the little ones wind down when they hit the wall and need sleep. Based on a New York Times review (usually a riskless proposition), I clicked over on Amazon and picked up a copy of "Ninna Nanna," a collection of classical lullabies sung by Portuguese soprano Montserrat Figueras.

They are wonderful. Gorgeous.

"Rockabye Baby," this ain't. You probably haven't heard a single one of these songs before. Which makes it all the more pleasant for the parents. Whoever selected the lullabies is most intelligent. And Ms. Figueras is quite talented and skilled.

And after a while, this album has the desired effect, all right. Not recommended for the CD player in the car!

[P.S. This was completely unsolicited and uncompensated praise for this work. If Amazon suddenly floats me a commission, I'll let you know.]

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