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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

And a whole chicken for Clarence

Though he may be delinquent in his blogging these days (further proof that great life = crummy blog), Matt sends along an interesting item. Here are what purports to be standard riders to Bruce Springsteen's contract with concert promoters regarding certain details of the arena and backstage operations in connection with his shows.

Although most readers may be interested in the food items (including sax man Clarence Clemons's beluga caviar and whole roasted chicken), I'm more impressed by the security requirements. Bruce shows always have great security -- ample but unobtrusive. Part of the reason why is that the ARTIST (as he's known in the contracts) demands that it be so.

For some reason reading this legal document makes me want to go to another Bruce concert. The last one here was fantastic.

I wonder how many different caterers in how many different cities around the world are hired to fill this order. Do they get to see the show? Do they get to meet Bruce and the band? The guy or gal who makes sure that the soy milk is the right temperature -- does that person come away from the arena with a rosy glow? Or is it just another boring gig?

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