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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Your Saturday reading

Jennifer of Mellow-Drama sends us over to Jeremy, a first-year student at Harvard Law School who writes a heck of an entertaining blog.

Meanwhile, VodkaPundit steers us to the long-awaited definitive map of the Muslim world.

Hanlonvision, who knows but won't disclose who it is that's not cleaning out the lint screens in the clothes dryers (Ashcroft will get him to tell), sends us over to a blog called Chicago: Howtown on the Make, which says it better than I ever could:

Is it unfortunate that people are being forced out of their homes, and uptight Yuppies squawking on microscopic cell phones are taking their place? Sure it is. Is it something to whine about? Probably not.

What is called "gentrification" is a natural process in the urban phenomenon. If there was no gentrification, and its converse, a city would remain in stasis. What is happening now is that kids experiencing acute white guilt and bourgeois-denial are trying to point the finger at others so nobody points at them; its like Stalin's Seventeenth Congress of the Communist Party, where everyone's denouncing everyone else so that they can continue living in the Kremlin and eating.

And if you missed someone special on your Valentine's Day shopping list, take a look over here.

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