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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

How thoughtful

I just got back from a rare shopping (and mailing) trip to downtown Portland, and I am so excited. I parked on the street and used one of those fancy new parking machines, and wouldn't you know it? When I came out there was a notice under my windshield wiper that I had won a prize! Yep, because I did something called "over space line," I won $16! It must be some kind of holiday giveaway.

This is a pleasant surprise. I must say, when I first arrived, I found it a little inconvenient having to go a half block from my car to the little parking robot and back to my car, and having to open up my car again and put the little receipt thingie on my dashboard. But boy, coming out a few minutes later and finding that I had won a prize for "over space line" made it all worthwhile!

Actually, I'm not sure how I managed to win the "over space line" contest. I parked in a large space between two other parked cars, and I made sure to leave lots of room between me and the one in front of me, and between me and the one behind me. In the old days, when there was a parking meter at every space, it was pretty easy to tell from inside your car where one space ended and the other began. Now that's not possible unless you get in and out of your car (a total of three times) to check how you're doing with those little lines painted on the ground. Actually, I may have been over one little line by a foot or so. But hey, I guess everybody's a winner parking in downtown Portland.

The little notice of my prize didn't tell me where to go to claim it. The notice is in the form of an envelope, but there's nothing inside. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

You know what? I'm going to have to reconsider my recent practice of not shopping downtown. Sure, parking at the mall is plentiful and free, and you don't get panhandled there, but man oh man! You sure don't win any $16 prizes at the mall, either!

Just call me lucky-lucky-lucky! Thank you, City of Portland, for this marvellous Christmas present! I'll be back soon!

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