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Monday, November 4, 2002

Your bar dues at work

Imagine my surprise upon reaching into my office mailbox today, to see on the cover of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin -- the official magazine of the mandatory state bar association -- the smiling face of Sen. Gordon Smith, who just happens to be running for re-election this week. Of course, his Senate colleague, Ron Wyden, is smiling alongside him. Of course, the story has to do with federal support of legal aid. But the week of the election?

And quotes like these:

Yet despite their wildly disparate dossiers, the two men happen to comprise the only bipartisan delegation in the U.S. Senate that actively and consistently sticks its neck out for the rights of low-income Americans being denied access to civil justice.
Another beaut from the staff of the Oregon State Bar. I can't wait to read the fallout from this one.

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