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Sunday, November 24, 2002

With a little help from my friends

Bloggers love referrals from other bloggers. Referrals increase readership and help spread one's ideas. Hence, weblogs are usually surrounded by templates that are crowded with list upon list of links, often returning past favors.

Until now, I have resisted creating such a list, mostly because to me it just makes the page too noisy. But I am quite grateful to the stars of the blogosphere who have mentioned me once in a while. Modest though its readership may be, this blog saw a relatively major uptick when Tony, Howard and Denise pointed to it. And there are a few others that I check in on every day, even though they have never heard of me.

And so herewith begins a little list, which can be found here. It will be updated periodically as I find new picks to suggest to you, the reader. But given the strange things that can happen when one edits a Blogger template, the link in the masthead above will always simply say "Other Bloggers."

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