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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Uh oh

Just when I thought I might get through the holidays without packing on some extra pounds, Burgerville comes out with their sweet potato fries for the month of December. Oh, man, these are way too good. (General tone and weight concern courtesy of Bob Borden.)

UPDATE: Great minds think alike, though in this case there's a genetic link. Just after I posted the above lament, I clicked over on my cousin Jim's excellent new blog and found him extolling the virtues of the North Jersey hot dog. BTW, I'm totally with him on Rutt's Hut. Although the dog is king there -- they used to ask every customer "How many dogs?" and sneered if you said, "No dogs" -- they used to punctuate every incoming order of fries with a loud, proud shout: "Frenchies!"

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