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Thursday, November 7, 2002

The next two years

What's ahead with the Republican White House finally enjoying a solidly Republican Congress? I'm no InstaPundit -- heck, I'm not even a VodkaPundit! -- but a few things appear obvious to me.

It will take a few months to reorganize the Senate, but come the first of spring we're likely to see a wild flurry of legislation of the Lott-Hatch persuasion.

The judicial nomination battles will become even bloodier, and more public. But in the end W. will make many, many court appointments, including anywhere from one to three on the Supreme Court.

We are going to resume throwing our hands around militarily.

Probably some more irresponsible tax cuts will be enacted, but the major battles on the tax code will be put off until after the '04 Presidential election.

Civil rights are going to have a bad couple of years.

Forget about real campaign finance reform. Or accounting reform.

The protest movement -- already loud and unpretty in places like Portland -- will grow substantially.

The economy won't respond, and interest rates are already at rock bottom.

The financial markets don't like the Bushes, and are likely to be even more skittish with Congress in the Presidential pocket. Don't count on the 401(k) coming back to life this cycle.

An oil crisis may occur naturally, or it may be manufactured Enron-style; in either case we'll drill the Arctic and think about reviving "safe, clean, cheap, plentiful" nuclear power.

If the Democratic party can figure out whether it still stands for anything, it may actually have a good shot at unseating Bush 43 at the end of the two years. But it's very doubtful that the Demos can right the ship. Look for an '08 ticket with people like Gore and Hillary on it -- a ticket that can't win.

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