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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Long time gone

This having-a-job stuff has really been getting in the way of my blogging the last few days. In the academic world in which I work, the end of the semester (next Wednesday) marks the deadline for many things outside of the classroom. For example, right now all student activities must wind down for exams, triggering a flurry of last-minute happenings. Moreover, we're trying to decide whom to hire to fill a key position on our faculty. And a guy who was supposed to start working for us in January suddenly jilted us, quite unfairly. In addition, we're all scrambling to use our last few class hours as wisely as possible, which can take an unusual level of concentration. And right about now our students get pretty uptight about their looming exams, which in turn leads to the need to spend more time hand-holding.

Last night, in a major lapse in judgment, I also felt compelled to attend a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game. I had purchased the tickets as part of a season ticket commitment made several years ago, and I just couldn't bring myself to rip them up. And of course, given the disaster the home team has become, no one wanted to buy the tickets from me. The game was terrible -- poorly played basketball, and the bad guys won -- but the saddest part was, I really didn't care. It was a good excuse to get caught up with a friend, nothing more.

Now I'm looking at four days off, including some much needed sleep and unwinding. And what could be more relaxing and fun than sitting back and telling a few stories here and on Yakety Yak?

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