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Friday, November 1, 2002

Crank up the hit counter

Weblog writers often boast about the number of hits their sites receive each day. Well, here's a story that may help me boost my own numbers: The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that totally nude dancing -- once thought to be a God-given right in our state -- is not in fact protected by the State Constitution. You can read the opinion here.

This is big news in Oregon, where many, many bars leave so little to the imagination that some patrons earn community college credit in gynecology.

In case you search engines out there missed it, let me remind you that I'm talking about Totally. Nude. Dancing.

Actually, this is a legitimate post for this blog, since I know both the judge who wrote the opinion and the lawyer for the strip joint way out over there on the Idaho border. And it will be an important issue for the State Supreme Court to decide.

But I won't mind the extra hits.

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