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Friday, November 22, 2002

Bang bang

Was (Not Was)
What Up, Dog?
Chrysalis Records, 1988

11 MPH (Zapp Ruder Version)

Lee Harvey O. didn't have no daddy
He never caught a break
He never drove a Caddy
Joined the Marines to learn a skill
And that he did
He learned to kill

At 11 miles an hour
Such a deadly speed
11 miles an hour
At the time and place agreed
They pulled that limousine
Down Elm Street slow and clean
Lead fell like a shower
At 11 miles an hour

JFK went down to Dallas
To cool some heels in the oil palace
Unfriendly country
But he was unafraid
He would wave to the people
From a passing motorcade


JFK told Krushchev
I'll leave Castro alone
If you take away those missiles
They're too damn close to home
The CIA, the Cubans
And the underworld bosses
Decided that was it
They had to cut their losses


Lee Harvey O. was made to order
A radical nut, a drifter and a boarder
Earl Warren got a version out fast
America was happy
The patsy had been cast


(Format idea courtesy of Tony Pierce)

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